Smart trainer stopped being "smart" after pausing a ride

Here is what happened to me yesterday:

  1. I completed a workout with Erg mode turned on - all good so far

  2. After the workout I rode for another 20 minutes or so, the Kickr correctly adjusted the resistance based on the hills I was on - all good so far

  3. I stopped my workout and switched bikes (took my bike off of the Kickr and swapped it with a new one).  The new one didn’t have any way of providing my cadence

  4. When I continued to ride, I noticed the Kickr wasn’t providing any resistance based on the hills.  It’s like I was riding a regular “dumb” trainer.

I’ve read lots of reports about people losing Erg mode after pausing a ride, I guess my problem was the opposite, losing “smart” mode after pausing.  Or was my problem because I changed to a bike that didn’t provide cadence?  Is that necessary for a “smart” trainer ride?

Hi George,

I’m going to create a ticket for this and request the log.txt file for that specific ride. This shouldn’t happen.