Smart Trainer - resistance lost if HR monitor goes offline

(J Lamb | recovery begins) #1

While riding on Watopia tonight, my HR monitor (MIO Fuse) went offline and I suddenly had no resistance on my trainer (Tax Vortex Smart T2180).  I could run with a cadence of 130 in my top gear and only get to 20 mph.  Everyone would fly by me on the downhill and flats but I would fly up the hills and pass them.  After a lap, I noticed the HR was not reading and reset it and as soon has the HR read, the trainer immediately had resistance again.  So on my last lap tonight, I turned off the HR monitor again and same thing happened immediately - no resistance until I turned the HR monitoring back on.


  • Trainer resistance reduced to near zero when HR monitor disconnects
  • Trainer resistance returns to normal when HR monitor reconnected

Steps to Reproduce Bug

  • Log onto Zwift
  • Connect HR monitor
  • Connect Smart Trainer
  • Start ride
  • Ride up hill or push to demonstrate resistance controlled by software
  • Observe HR reporting status on screen
  • Stop HR monitor
  • Observer HR monitor data goes offline on screen
  • Notice resistance on trainer is no longer working and you can peddle at 130 RPM in top gear up 11% climb with little effort
  • Turn HR monitor back on
  • Observe HR data displayed on screen again
  • Notice Trainer resistance has returned as soon as HR data shows.


  • YES - several times

User Hardware

  • Date: November 6
  • Zwift Build: latest - updated today
  • OS:  Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5
  • Trainer: Tacx Vortex Smart T2180 - Firmware: 3.1.7/0.2.7 (latest)
  • HR Monitor:MIO Fuse - Firmware 01.18 (latest)