Smart Trainer link with Zwift

Just curious… when you start up with Zwift they will ask you to Bluetooth sync with your trainer, cadence, speed and HR… wonder how come they don’t have Wahoo Kickr trainer in that long list!!! In the end I had to choose unlisted trainer!!

If it is a smart trainer then you need to pair it as power source and controllable

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The Tacx Flow is the cheapest I’ve seen around new (£200 in decathlon). The limitation here is the resistance level (800w max / 6% gradient). Not the dream but also not a disaster, you’ll only go over 800w in a big sprints and most people haven’t touched the default gradient setting on zwift so are riding 50% gradients anyway (so rarely go over 6%). If you can pay a little bit extra, I have had the Wahoo Kickr Snap for three years, bought second hand, I ride it at least 2 times a week and I can’t fault it. I don’t have any issues with wheel slippage (FTP 247, max power around 1000W).