Smart trainer and speed / cadence

(Tim Ellis) #1

I currently have a Non smart trainer with cadence and speed sensors, however just bought a smart trainer an ELIte Qubo Digital Smart B+ trainer.

So can i remove my cadence and my speed senors?

(Larry D. [C]) #2

You don’t have to use your cadence sensor but the calculated cadence on low end trainers can be far from reality.  Speed and power should controlled by the smart trainer. 

(Serhiy Tymoshenko) #3

Don’t remove your bike sensors(cadence), they are way more accurate than those on trainer

(Tim Ellis) #4

The only reason I was removing them is that they are ANT not USB, 

I am planning to get rid of my laptop and using my iPad only , so I will not be able to use my garmin edge,vivoactive or speed and cadence .

so would you suggest that I get one of those iPad to USB things ?

(Serhiy Tymoshenko) #5

what your “USB” means? Do you mean Bluetooth 4 maybe? If you need BT4 sensors you can get cheap one like this

It is Bluetooth and Ant+ as well. Works with my iMac, Android phone as BT4 or Ant+ as well and will work with your iPhone setup.

(Tim Ellis) #6

Sorry yeah Bluetooth, thanks for that