Smart Trainer Accurate Power vs Incline - Which is more important

I am considering a few entry level smart trainers. I know that the power can vary with these 5-10% and that some are more accurate than others.

I am considering the Tacx Flow, the BKool Smart Go and the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+

Of these, the Flow and Qubo have 6% incline, the Smart Go has 8%. But from the reviews I read, the Smart Go probably has the least accurate power. The reviews of the Qubo have me leaning that way for the overall ride and feel and power accuracy … but the Smart Go has the better incline at 8%.

I realize 6-8% is not that much of a difference, But if you had to chose between the 2, either more accurate power or better incline which way would you go?

Also open to suggestions with these 3 or possible other options.


I am not familiar with any of these trainers. But you might find this useful: