Smart, Power in iOS and computer


I know Zwift doesn’t run ZwiftPower but I suppose the data to ZwiftPower originates from Zwift!

I am using a Tacx Vortex Smart as controllable trainer and Stages G2 as power meter and cadence meter. I have used this setup since May this year.

Until recently I used a computer with ANT+ for Zwift and all my rides with this setup are logged on ZwiftPower as “Power”. When I shifted to the iOS version of Zwift, using an iPad Mini 2, I noticed that all the iOS rides are logged as “Smart” instead.

How come? Is this a bug or a feature? And yes, I have checked, double checked and triple checked that my Stages is paired correctly in the iOS-Zwift.

You can probably send a message to James Hodges on Facebook and get a response right away.