SMART Boshido trainer

(Lee Bevan) #1

Guys, I have updated the firmware and now maanaged to get Zwift to recongnise my trainer as a smart trainer. I used this last night and found the trainer combined awesome, however as Im pedallig the power appears low and my speed appears low.

I have the Boshido trainer paired. My HR paired, and I have tried with and without my Gramin cadence seonsor and Im gettig similar results, yet my Garmin appears to show the correct speed.  Any suggestions please?

Thank you



(Jason K) #2

Since Zwift calculates speed based on factors like your weight, whether you’re drafting, and the incline that you’re on, you can’t measure it against a Garmin computer because it won’t take these factors into account.

If you feel your output is low comparatively to other real-world efforts, then there could be a different issue going on.

I’m assuming you’re riding the Tacx Bushido? Be sure to calibrate it - and if you’re still having problems - try to reduce potential ANT+ signal interference.–Troubleshoot-My-ANT-signal-is-dropping