Slider next to cadence on just ride mode

What is the slider feature registering next to my cadence in the blue window top left of my screen? I’ve never seen this before this margining

Do you have a screenshot you can share?

I don’t but I’ll see if I can capture it soon.  I was in just ride mode this morning and it would appear periodically in the blue stat’s box in the upper left of the screen where my watts, cadence and HR were.  I also noticed my cadence would drop on the hills and then recover on the flats according to the numbers, but I wasn’t slowing down or speeding up.  Odd…I’m on a kinetic road trainer, stages power/cadence meter, fyi…



I haven’t been able to screen capture or see that slider…BUT…my stages meter battery was almost dead and my cadence battery on my Garmin GSC 10 is low too, so I’m thinking something was registering that on the game.  Didn’t see it at all today with fresh batteries.  This also explains the odd power readings I was getting throughout the ride I referenced in my first post.

I went ahead and created a mock up of what I saw using a picture from today’s ride and drawing in what I saw to give you a sense of what it looked like, should other people see it.  I’m going to attempt to attach here.

Hope it’s helpful…


Hi Michael,

That looks like it might’ve been Windows’ own Volume Control overlay. If you have a keyboard or device that can change the volume without having to access the Mixer Panel in the System Tray it can look like that (and tends to place itself on top of any programs running).

Especially if it’s temporary and not always there.

Sounds like a good explanation to me! Thanks for the response and keep up the great work there at Zwift HQ. LOVE the experience you have created !