Slide Show

Help! I’m running Zwift on my laptop (a Lenovo Carbon x1 which has an Intel i7-4600U processor).

When riding, about every 30 seconds, the display becomes a slide show; I’m getting less than 2 frames per second. After about 5 seconds, it clears up and I get an acceptable frame rate.

Are there settings I can use to try to improve my experience? Why is rendering struggling on such a capable machine?

What is the graphics cards and specs?

Here is a link for you:

> What is the graphics cards and specs?

I have a laptop, which doesn’t have a graphics card. I’m using a Lenovo Carbon X1, which has an intel i7-7600U processor. That processor has the Intel HD Graphics 620 accelerator.

I’ll try to get through the tuning guide. The log file confirms that my minimum frame rate is 3 frames per second, which is far below unacceptable.