Single Thread/Multithread App Build, Single/Multiple Core use of CPU

Computer i use is
Running windows 10

Processor AMD Athlon II Neo N36L Dual Core 1.3 Ghz
GPU Nvidea GeForce GT 730
16 GB of Ram.
I notice when using Zwift, that it isn’t using both CPU, load sharing, only flatlining the one Core between 80 &100 %
I have put the App on high performance and GPU only. putting it at 90% and above when running Zwift, i do get a “not responding” a few times when loading watopia etc.
Is it the way Zwift is Built using an old method of Single Thread vs Multiple Thread App infrastructure ?
Will it be repaired? or is there a different version of the App available?

Yes, single core performance is pretty much all that matters in Zwift. Unfortunately your CPU is not fast enough to perform very well in Zwift. The “not responding” problem could be related to that, but if you have a mechanical hard drive that could also contribute to the app stalling while loading assets. Installing an SSD might resolve that, but the game experience will probably still be limited by the lack of CPU horsepower.

This is currently being discussed, more a matter of cost right now for that, only just installed the Memory from overclockers Forum
just coughed up for quite a specialised brakeset from Hope, Tech3 Duo Set E4 Calipers…
My freind works in IT, has an SSD floating around, just need to clone OS System Drive

You don’t really need to clone the drive; just as quick and easy and much cleaner to just start fresh with a new windows install on the new SSD. From initial turn on to having Zwift and whatever other apps you want installed takes less than an hour.