Single sided Powertap pedals

Can someone tell me if single sided powertap pedals (P1 S) are supported in zwift? Thx


I looked them up, and other Zwifters are using them. :slight_smile: We hope to see you online!

Be ready to send >300 euros. 

the procedure involves setting off on your ride, getting to the end of the street, stopping, unclipping and setting the manual zero on the PowerTap Joule GPS computer or Garmin head unit.


(to calibrate)

Can’t you just ride for a bit before pairing in Zwift?  I turn on my Powertap app on my phone,get the pedals up and running for a minute, Zero, and then go to Zwift.

Only if you have something to zero with

I’m sorry, I don’t follow.  Can’t you just zero in the PowerTap App?