SIngle Player Experience and Interface

(paul manchester) #1


Just wanted to feedback on my initial thoughts after using zwift for a short period of time (and a couple of questions!) I am having lots of fun using the app :slight_smile:

I mostly enjoy cycling on my own and find it quite frustrating hasnt more to offer the solo. I appreciate the social aspect are popular and I use this aspect to a limited degree. My main concerns are:

-Varied equipment users meaning you can either find yourself demotivated as rider upon rider speed past you or vice-versa.

  • More focus on individual times/efforts/friends times. Again I am much more interested in how I am performing against my previous times. Not someone spinning with zero resistance or that has the brakes on too tight.

  • Option to race solo against Ghosts of my personal times and the ability to see section times whilst riding the entire section.

  • Option to start at any point on the track and set your own route points.

  • Control over the dashboard display - what info shown and where on the screen. 

  • Much more map content or a procedurally generated course. I choose zwift as I find looking at numbers on a display mind numbing. I want to ride to a destination and enjoy doing it. The game could be amazing with more routes with various themes. Have to admit I thought there would already be a lot more content to it for ÂŁ8pm.

  • Suppose my last point is more of a question - Why do you need such a beast of a PC for something that looks very much last gen (or worse). Compare this to a regular current ‘game’ and the optimisation seems quite bad? Hopefully this can be improved and with the addition of more gfx options.

Apologies if this all sounds negative! I would just really like to use your app more and feel it has great potential. Hopefully lack of competition in this area doesn’t stop this from evolving into something great.

Thanks and best of luck with future dev






(Paul Allen) #2

Most if not all have already been suggested. Please votes those request up so Zwift will know that there is a large number of people who are requesting it.

(paul manchester) #3

Voted where I could see them. But since there are over 60pages of posts no way I have time to read them all.

(Bob Venturi) #4

I think you are looking for a completely different application … there are plenty of options available that give you what are asking for … Tacx TTS 4 comes to mind, and also Velo Reality, Trainer Road, BKool, Kinomap, etc.

I think Zwift is successful precisely because it is different from those apps, and doesn’t include the stuff you are requesting.  It’s more of a community, than a solo training application.

I hear you about your requests, and I sometimes use the Tacx TTS software to train precisely as you describe, I just hope Zwift continues with its current model as you can’t question it’s success vs. the others.

I think Zwift has already evolved into “something great” mainly because it didn’t follow the path the others I mentioned chose.

And Zwift hardly requires a “beast of a PC”.  It’s PC requirements seem pretty modest compared to most modern games.


(paul manchester) #5

Hi Bob thanks for the reply.

Not sure why Zwift wouldn’t want to cater for all types of user? they have the basics here so would seem silly not to add at least a few extra functions that I am sure many users would enjoy.

To make zwift run with decent fps on ultra requires high specs. I have a 6gb gaming rig but like many others don’t want to lug that into the garage for a training session.  A game that looks this basic on low/med I imagine can be optimised to run much better on lower spec machines and laptops, which the majority of users would have access to.