Single 24 hour use payment plan

I’m in Australia where COVID is now pretty much eliminated (or at least under control) and the weather is improving.

Zwift has been great in order to maintain riding with my usual buddies throughout COVID and winter, however they are now appear a thing of the past (hopefully)

I’m in favour of a single use payment plan for when the weather is lousy, avoiding either deleting my Zwift account due to greatly reduced use, or maintaining the relatively high monthly fee for minimal usage.

Perhaps something like $3 or $4 for any 24 hour period with a loaded prepayment that is debited when requested by the user using their password?

Anyone else in favour??

Generally pay per use fitness is priced high enough to discourage people from using it

If they did offer pay per use, no chance it’d be 3-4 bucks, it’d more likely be $8-10

Zwift is a business and just like every brick and mortar gym they love that sweet sweet recurring revenue, whether people are using the service or not

They do have the new account temporary hold feature you can use to shut it down during the summer if you take it outside

I think you can still ride 25km per month if you are currently on hold or canceled your membership for the summer. I might be wrong, but I have seen that posted here before.

You can ride more than 25 km - I tested Ven-Top (no downhill, <25 km) and rode France, Petit Boucle some days later.


  • you have to decline paying after 25 km - I am on PC, so had to go down from bike and click the mouse
  • you get no more drops after 25 km
  • you get not a badge for the route you are finishing after free 25 km
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