Since March Update Group Rides With Little Resistance on ATV

I’ll start with “I didn’t touch anything”.

Since the March app update on ATV I’ve had an issue with group rides. Not group workouts, but rides such as the TOW going on starting this week. I first noticed it last week after a week off of Zwift. The issue is that when I join a group ride, the resistance is really really low.
I struggle to get the resistance to get up beyond 100W. In the past I could be on a group ride and the resistance seems normal. For example, in the starting block I would spin at 120-160W in the ghost trainer. Now I’m lucky to get to 60W on the ghost trainer.
Last night I joined Stage 1 TOW. I moved the trainer difficulty from the middle to max. That seemed to help get a little more resistance, but nowhere near what I was experiencing previous to the last Zwift app update. It definitely worked for positive elevation, but resistance dropped to nothing on flats. I don’t have anymore gears to push harder, already was on 53T front and 11T in rear.

What I am using:
Apple TV for Zwift.
Wahoo Kickr
Connecting through BT to ATV with Kickr and HR/cadence (not connected through companion)

What I tried already:
Reboot Kickr (Done this a couple of times when I first encountered last week)
Reboot ATV
Spindown of Kickr through Zwift on ATV to calibrate trainer

What I have not tried yet:
Uninstall Zwift and re-install
Connect Kickr through companion app

It seems ok when I do workouts in erg mode. Free riding seems fine too. Only seeing when I join a group ride.

I’m open to suggestions of what to try.

You might try doing a Kickr spindown through the Wahoo app. My understanding is that using the manufacturer app for calibration is superior to using Zwift.

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