Simplify Drafting and provide trainer feedback

Zwift riders experience poor control of their drafting, despite several features and updates from Zwift.
This leads to:

  • Washing Machine/catapulting
  • Losing the pack

Here’s what would fix it:
→ Make draft lateral-position-invariant. You don’t have control over your lateral position, so it shouldn’t influence your race.
→ Provide trainer feedback. In the real world, moving into a draft gradually reduces the resistance you experience. Therefore, you can maintain the same cadence and velocity. The same can be done in zwift. All your trainer needs to do is modulate its resistance, which lowers your wattage under the same cadence. This would allow somebody moving towards the pack to do so in a controlled manner. And guess what, zwift already has this feature because it’s used for climbing! All Zwift needs to do is:
→ Provide draft feedback to the trainer. For example, a draft bonus of 25% could reduce the trainer resistance by a force equivalent to reducing the gradient by 1%.
→ Get rid over complicated solutions like sticky watts, as they create unwanted side-effects.