Simple "row-cycle" for rowers

I know that rowing as a feature is not being developed at Zwift, but how about just a simple “row-cycle” avatar to connect rowers into the Zwift world?

It would be similar to the hand-cycle avatar but would be a very simple way to put rowing machines into the game. I would love to have an easy way to “row” my C2 around the Zwift world!

There are examples available of what the machine would look like, both real world and virtual. For example, Holofit on the Oculus Quest headset has many forward-facing machines with no oars that are “powered” by rowing.

Please enable more athletes to use Zwift with the great world and community that already exist!

If Zwift has given up on a big rowing development, please do something simple to allow rowers into the world. (And yes I know about the PainSled app but I would like a unique avatar and native method for using my rower.)