Sim not working during workout

Just recently purchased a Kickr. Tried it out as just a ride (no workout) and the simulated resistance worked perfectly.

Next day tried to do a workout by selecting one of the pre-fabricated GCN ones, made sure that ERG mode was off and tried doing the workout. My issue was that the kickr would not simulate hills while performing a workout. Exited and did a free ride and the simulated resistance worked. Tried all the tips I could find from Google like making sure it was through ANT and not BLT.


  1. Can the kickr simulate resistance during a workout? If so what am I missing.

  2. While performing a workout my power output was all over the place. Even with the 3 second average on I could not hold it steady. It would go from 200 to 400 to 100 and back to 200. 

Lets see if I can help a bit. I don’t have a kickr but this is how I think it should work.

So if you have ERG off then the trainer wont increase or decrease the resistance in workout mode, you will have to do that with the phone app or the resistance buttons of your trainer. 

Non of the trainers follow the road profile during workout mode.