Silly things that annoy you about Zwift (Keep it light and Fun)

I certainly do enjoy spending 20 minutes trying to get Zwift to pop up the JOIN EVENT button after signing up for the event on the companion app, then trying to sign up on the Zwift start screen, then trying to join a different event to see if any damn thing works, and then repeating the whole process multiple times until finally Zwift stops bugging out and puts the button on screen. It’s certainly not annoying or upsetting at all. It’s a fun little mini game that you get for free when you sign up with Zwift. Soooo much fun. Zwift should charge more for all these fun little mini games they include.


you have have missed the bit in brackets in the title, raise a ticket for more serious stuff, keep this thread silly and fun


I’m going to set up a calendar reminder to reply to this in 18 months!! haha


Avatars that pass you with their wheel-on trainers clinging to them

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that little “hop” in the road when you turn left at italian village to go to the volcano. i can almost feel it on my bike.


Yes that little “hop”. I thought it was just an Apple iPad thing but then I watched one of the Zwift races on youtube and it seems to happen to people on PC as well. In a group ride watching everyone jump a foot up is so distracting. There’s also a little section of the road that disappears beneath the terrain at the intersection to go up the volcano KOM. Those two little bugs always stand out whenever I see them.

You know we could go out giving tickets for that stuff​:joy: Someone joked about giving people tickets if they set up Christmas lights before thanksgiving :sweat_smile::laughing: or singing Christmas songs even before December… :crazy_face::crazy_face:

There are so many silly and annoying little things that at some point it becomes… well, stupid and aggravating.

I stopped riding Zwift a month ago because of ongoing and unresolved bugs and broader issues. Lots of things that could have been just annoying individually. I cancelled my subscription this week.


This - without a doubt. For me the cancellation of rowing was the last straw. And not because of the cancellation of rowing, rather but because it highlighted Zwift’s attitude to existing customers. It could have been the “cancelled” UI, the denial of the ridiculous survery, the new bugs in every update, or any of a host of other in-game and corporate faults, each of which could be forgiven or ignored in isolation. But collectively it is just wearying.


the Big Ring ALWAYS, even when climbing to the Radio Tower.

Don’t mind cycling through boulders, but in the small chain ring PLEASE

Keep it fun!


When you look at Zwift and it says

‘15,482 is Zwifting’

IS… not ARE

Zwift is based on West Coast USA right?

We always need to keep it fun :partying_face:

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Who are you? :rofl:

He is da person who made dis forum :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I guess that makes him speshal. lol

He sounds like someone who would censor discussion. That could be one of the silly and annoying things about zwift if it wasn’t so…

Wasn’t so what? :roll_eyes::rofl:

In case you missed it. The forum was recently censored in relation to a staff racing behaviour. It is one of those silly little things that becomes much larger.

Fill in the blank.


silly little thing do come larger… but only when you make em’ :smile::blush:

So don’t make em’ Cuz this is “SILLY” things that annoy you! (Keep it light and fun) :crazy_face: