Silly things that annoy you about Zwift (Keep it light and Fun)

When you cross the finish line on Climber’s Gambit and the spinner gives you a feather


How 'bout you’re in a race on the Sands and Sequoias and you get drafting PU at the Fuego Flats sprint which doesn’t do much until you’re sprinting so you burn it up the first hill after the springs and get a feather at the top of Titans. Same thing in Richmond. Drives me nuts…

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When you just managed to have all the route badges and Zwift releases a new update with new routes the next day.


BTW: Is this constant chain noise new? I’ve noticed it yesterday for the first time and I think it is very annoying.

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It goes away if you apply wet lube to your screen and keyboard. :laughing:

(More seriously, I haven’t had the sound on in Zwift since the last update, preferring podcasts. I’ll listen again today when doing the TdZ Alpe. There were sound changes in the Nov or Dec update, including added tires-on-road sound that was quite noticeable and that raised some heckles here in the Forum. It could also be taken for chain noise.)


When you’re grinding your way up the Alpe and this appears:

Then, when you choose ‘Not Now’ — because, you know, you’re a little busy :wink: — Zwift kindly informs you for the rest of your ride that your trial period has expired, despite the fact you’ve done more than 18’000 km. :crazy_face:


I’m guessing you’re on Apple TV or some iOS device? Next time try hitting ‘Restore Purchase’ instead of ‘Not Now’. Still a HUGE annoyance, but at least it should keep you from seeing the ‘Trial Expired’ message for the remainder of your ride.

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Yup, iPadOS. In my not-quite-with-it state, I did try to tap ‘Restore Purchase’ after having taken the screenshot. (This happens every second or third month, but usually at the time that I log in to Zwift, not when riding.) By then, those options were greyed out, so I hit Not Now, to just get on with the ride. :upside_down_face:

P.S. By the way, am a big fan of Shark Sandwich. S*d those critics. :metal:

At least you didnt have to get off your bike to grab the mouse to remove the Pace Partner survey near the end of your race like this poor fella … but yeah, another not-so-good Zwift “wow” moment.


Okay, everybody just imagine a little kid Zwift avatar on one of those tandem bikes…Dad or mom is in front and the child is in the back. They could push double watts lol. Or maybe we need a 4 seater so we can have the Dad the Mom The Child AND……. The dog :joy:

You get dropped by your group and at the next banner you get the draft power up