Signed up but Android still showing trial expired

Hello all, a 56 year old newbie here, who is actually quite tech savvy.
I had a 25km trial a couple of days ago and liked the app a lot, even though it ran out during an FTP session.
Signed up today (21st April) and was informed I had another 7 days before payment due. Jumped on my Tacx Vortex trainer, connected my Galaxy S10+, mirrored onto my smart TV, pushed start and “Trial Expired” reared it’s ugly head.
This was over 5 hours ago and I’ve spent the best part of the evening since then trying to find out why. Watched Youtube videos, read the FAQ’s, looked on here and nada…nothing. Uninstalled the app, installed it again and logged on, and it still wouldn’t register that I had become a member, even though the web site clearly shows that. Not only that, but this problem appears to go back some 4 years, according to this forum site.
Anybody know why and have a solution? Not impressed at the moment.
Thanks in advance.