Signal from trainer cutting out?

Hi …Using a Wahoo Kicker smart trainer with blue tooth connection to the pc… All seemed fine however today the signal cut out after ~60 minutes… I re connected once and then did not. Ended the ride and loaded again …The trainer was found ( power source) along with my heart rate monitor and cadence sensor but the ontrolable portion of the trainer never connected . I have a strong blue tooth signal from the trainer ? Any thoughts? Thank you

Probably some type of BT interference. If using Windows PC, Ant+ is much more reliable for most people. I have had miserable experiences with BT for Windows and avoid. Android and iOS are usually no problem.

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Hi Thank you …It is a windows pc … I confess that I am a tech idiot …Can i ask you to expand on Ant+ and how i might utilize it with the Wahoo kicker smart trainer and the Zwift app ?

Ant+ is a wireless protocol. Not sure why it was developed but Garmin either developed or has taken it over and now is the de facto standard for wireless connections for sports tech: Trainers, watches, HRM, etc… Reason why Polar is dying…they refuse to do Ant+. BT full compliance is still new to the sports tech even though versions have been around for a long time. A Full compatibility compliance protocol only came about 12-18 months ago but still some proprietary connections out there.

For your PC just get a Ant+ dongle from Amazon. If you have a good bike shop nearby they might have the Garmin version in stock so no waiting. I have two Garmins from several years ago and they still work fine (looks like a Logitech mouse usb connector). Some lesser expensive devices on Amazon than Garmin but I have no experience with them.

Once plugged into your PC, the trainer should pick it up no problem. Connect both the Power Source and Controllable under FE-C Ant+ connection. If your HR monitor puts out Ant+ use that connection. I have a Tickr+ and Garmin HR straps and no problems with either brand. I cannot remember when I last had an Ant+ drop out. I have had internet drops but not Ant+.

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Hi thank you
Who knew ? Will the Garmin work with that Wahoo Kicker , HR monitor and cadence sensor as well? So it really is at simple as plug it into the usb port on the pc an away I go ?

Looking on amazon now …There seem to be a variety of options for Garmin ANT+ devices… Can yu be a bit more specific regarding which one i need ? Sorry for the endless questions

Absolutely with Kickr
Depends on what HRM model - just look it up
Depends on what cadence sensor model - just look it up

This is the standard:
The other brands I have no experience. I buy two in case one does not work…it is tech after all…if the first one works, you can always send the other back.

Thanks …you are a lifesaver ! Tech and I don’t get along !!

Ordered two …so just plug in the usb port ?

It would also be worth buying a usb extension cable to bring the ANT+ dongle closer to your trainer. Depending on how far your pc is from your set up depends on how long you need.
I have a 3 metre usb extension with the ANT+ dongle looped over the front brake cable.

thank you

Yes. Windows will at least give the beep or noise when plugged into the port. Cannot remember if a window pops. I think the driver is built into the dongle. I recently plugged one into a new laptop and by the time I carried the laptop to my bike setup it was ready to go. The H3 appeared in the menu…

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Thanks very much

I have seen extension cable requirements posted here…personally I have never had an issue picking up my trainer from laptop from the next room. I think I have even seen the trainer in the garage when I am in the kitchen…20-25 feet and a wall. I know I have seen from the kitchen to the living room.

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Thanks …I am going to buy one anyway …Wil return it if not needed …Would rather be safe …Appreciate it

Hi ,My Ant +arrived and i plan to use it tomorrow…Question please…Do i need to somehow " tell " zwift that i wantt o use the Ant+ rather than bluetooth or will it default to that ? Thanks

You will have to pick it in the Settings Pair menu…pick Power Source and Controllable. Choose the FE C option for both.

Not sure how the Kickr broadcasts but my H3 broadcasts the Ant+.

Should be straightforward…at one time you paired the BT.

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Thanks …Does the settings menu appear before the pairing