Side by side setup

(Kurama Sprinter) #1

Is it possible to set up two computers side by side (or at least within the same house) so that I can ride virtually with my daughter?  I have been trying to set this environment up for additional motivation and I seem to be only able to connect one bike. 

Are zwift key holders allowed only one account per IP address?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Krystian,

Of course! We have two set-ups in our office right now and we often do two or three set-ups when we’re showing at events.

As far as accounts go, you are only allowed one account per person. So long as each person logging in has their own account then you are perfect :slight_smile:

(Marco Soldano) #3

Is there more information about how to setup two riders side by side and ride together? Also is there any way to share one screen?