Sick to death of Zwift Crashing

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Can you tell us more about your set up? I, for one, have had exactly zero issues with Zwift crashing. I am using Apple TV with a Tacx Neo2 and Garmin HRM-Dual. (Occasionally iPad, also.)



How to get help: give no details about your problem and threaten impossible physical violence. :rofl: :rofl:


Wahoo kicker core and heart rate and a Acer laptop on Virgin 300 M download

And the specs on that Acer laptop?

Erm not sure but its 6 months old with a Intel Core i7 10th gen chip in it. Cant remember the memory size but defiantly should be enough as it wasn’t the entry speck. Plus nothing else is on it games etc

I’m afraid that it’s a long-standing known issue. See Intel integrated graphics gen 10 and 11

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