Show "Calories" instead of "Pizza slices" in Companion App

I like that the Zwift dashboard shows my calories burned on each ride. I do not like that the Companion app shows me that same information in “pizza slice equivalents”. That information is meaningless to me… I don’t eat pizza often and I neither know nor care how many calories are in a “standard slice”. Give me an option to see the calories please and thank you!

If you click on Activities in the ZCA you will see your calories burned for individual workouts.

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If you click on any event it will show you the calories.

See below.

EDIT: Look like Paul beat me to it. :thinking:

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ah, I see, true… I was thinking about the “Cycling Stats” section of the ZCA, not the rides. Same comment applies though, I like seeing my 7day/30day/lifetime stats on the ZCA, and I don’t want to see “slices burned” there either.

It’s just a bit of fun, and there’s no such thing as a standardised pizza slice. :smiley:

But if it really bothers you, vote this existing request up:

(Although that’s just asking for new units, not scrapping them entirely)

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A scientist lit a bunch of food on fire in the 1890’s and we still think it matters today… :man_facepalming:


I don’t find the “slices” reference helpful, either.

When I eat a pizza IRL, I have all 8 slices…then I get on Zwift and it depresses me that I only burn half of a slice.




Hey, I’m all for fun (they should have a “pints of beer” option while they are at it), but making the units customizable would be an obvious improvement, which I’m sure they’ll get to eventually.