short settings rant!

(Ron Skinner) #1

Zwift, PLEASE< PLEASE< PLEASE make the setting changes easier to do and all in one place. having names etc on a web link and other things that can be accessed from a short cut key and finally others that can only be accessed if you start to ride then stop… this is not a good thing is it? I tried to add an extension to my user name and it was greyed out and would not take. These are things that need to be solid prior to pay per use IMHO.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Ron,

You can change all your profile settings from within the game:

(Scott) #3

And soon you’ll be able to on Zwift Mobile Link as well :slight_smile:

(Ron Skinner) #4

but I don’t want to have to link up pedal, then get off wait for it to coast down… then make changes… this is kluggie IMHO.  This should be accessed with a short cut key this is too convoluted, in the mobile app OK but still not that easy.  K.I.S.S. is the key.

(D W - ltb LMDGD) #5

some bugs in screen

(Tom Hammarberg (Sz) Tri) #6

I would like to do this in MyZwift.