"Shifting" a CycleOps Phantom 5?

(Tim Schaefer) #1

If you are not familiar with the CycleOps Phantom 5 indoor cycle, it has no way to manually control resistance, it must be controlled using a keyboard or remote.

While using their Virtual Training software, shifting to a higher or lower gear is accomplished by using the + or - keys on a keyboard, else clicking on the remote. As I found out earlier today, this does not work using Zwift. In fact, as far as I can tell there is no way to control the resistance on this indoor cycle using Zwift. Essentially, this relegates you to riding a single speed bicycle which just so happens to be in a low gear.

Today I was spinning at a cadence of 110, and it was only putting out 120-130 watts during a climb. There is so little resistance that doing a standing climb is basically impossible.

Does anyone happen to know if there is a way to control shifting (resistance) when riding this trainer in Zwift?


(sean sloan) #2

I have the previous gen bike and its controlled by a joule head unit just like the model phantom model one below yours.Im wondering if you get a head unit you will be able to control resistance that way.Either way,Ive called Powertap a few times with tech problems and they have been super helpful,hopefully they can point you in the right direction.

(David L. Virginia) #3

I use a phantom V, bought a joule gps on eBay so o could shift the phantom on zwift.  Under workouts on the joule, you can shift and set a grade as well.  Works well, just wish the zwift program would give resistance to the phantom

(Scott) #4

We’ve got a Phantom V in the office as well and adding resistance control is on our radar. It uses slightly different controls than the PowerBeam Pro which is why we’ll need to dig into this separately. We can’t give you a firm release date yet, but we’ll update again when we do. 

(Tim Schaefer) #5

Sounds good, I’ll keep an eye open for an update. Looking forward to it.

(David L. Virginia) #6

Scott, I do see “cyclops trainer” under smart trainers ( I think that’s what it says)

is it a good idea not to select it?, I’m also having crashing issues under windows 10 and trying to figure out the reason.

(Jason K) #7

You should select the “CycleOps Bike” option under the power/smart trainer menu. :slight_smile:

David, I saw you have a ticket in our support system, so we’ll keep working with you there to resolve your crash issue.

(Tim Schaefer) #8

So you’re saying that shifting the Phantom 5 works now?

(Scott) #9

Tim - not yet. We’ll announce when we implement resistance control. This was just answering David’s question about what to select when pairing the Phantom to pick up it’s watts broadcast. 

Sorry for any confusion.

(David L. Virginia) #10

Ok, thanks for the quick reply and great support. I’m trying a clean windows 10 install on a newly formatted drive.  Hopefully that will fix whatever is the problem

(Tim Schaefer) #11

Any updates on the Phantom 5 compatibility? 

I have since incorporated an O-Synce ANT+/Bluetooth remote while using the Virtual Training program, makes ‘shifting’ (controlling resistance) much more user friendly and easier. Reaching over to use a keyboard was a PITA.

I will strongly suggest including compatibility for it in Zwift when using a Phantom 5, it really make a big difference.


(Jason Buccellato) #12

We have an ic 420 Pro, and use the Joule head unit to control wattage in Zwift. The other option is to open up CVT on your phone app, and control wattage with the phone while simultaneously running Zwift on a laptop.  :)

Your remote will also work with your phone app! Running you remote with the phone app, while simultaneously running Zwift on the laptop solves your problem.


(Randy Sandberg) #13

Hey Guys, any new word on when Zwift will be able to control a Phantom 5’s resistance? Just checking in for a possible status update! :slight_smile:

(David L. Virginia) #14

Some serious mind reading going on… Now that it’s pay-to-ride, I was hoping to get support for us phantom V guys!

(Tim Schaefer) #15


Still waiting for a solution before I sign up for the service. 

(Edward Barron) #16



(Jason Buccellato) #17

I have an ic400 and a Phantom 5, so PLUS 2!

(Willem Martins) #18

Auto resistance on the Phantom 5, using gear shifting together with slope, weight and resistance math will be great, but this will take quite a bit of programming, including a PID loop to control the resistance device. How are you folks planning to do this?

Currently I use two laptops, with a dongle each, one with virtual training to control the power with a remote, the other laptop running Zwift.

(David L. Virginia) #19

William, it’s much less hassle until they figure it out, to buy a used joule on eBay or slowtwitch, I paid $35.00 for one. It lets you set slope if you want, but more importantly it lets you change “gears”.   I don’t know the tech behind the differences on other cyclops trainers, and I understand it would be nice to get feedback from the actual route sent to the IC, but… Works for me now

(Q. Padmé Amidala) #20

HI there - I am another user with a Phantom 5 and I have the O-Synce ANT+/Bluetooth but it kinds of ruins the Zwift experience not to be able to change the resistance.  I am begging!  Please add resistance capability for this. Please…  thanks, Anne