Several Feature requests / GPS routing, Hotel Belvedere, camera view, Personal best times


  • We need a non existing climb with a corner including the iconic Hotel Belvedere in Switserland!
  • after your ride, the timeline … it shows no time. Funny. Could you also add the possibility to select a part from the timeline and give the numbers. For example, you select 10 minutes and get your average watt, bpm etc
  • more realistic downhill. When you go 60 km/h downhill, and put out 300watts. In real life, nothing happens! I have been dropped several times at 60km/h doing +350watts (5w/kg). And by dropped, I mean smashed to peaces.
  • when switching the camera view, view 4 I believe, is from the left side. There is no camera (read: photo snap) view for the right side (the drive side of the bike)
  • the Personal best leader board screen. Please always show the all-time Personal Best time for that segment. And perhaps, let the user decide when it will reset. For example, month, 2 months, 1 year, 2 years. When the all time best is show, you know what your own benchmark is. At this point, 15 to 20 times are show. why not divide those so these times are always show: your 3 all time best, 3 best last month, 3 best last 2 months …
  • gps routing!!! Create your own route before you start riding
  • gps routing when you are already in the world. For example. You did the hilly loop one time. now you want to do the jungle loop. there is a button you can click, and there are several key points available. For example, EPIC Kom, jungle, alpe, vulcano. Wherever you are, you will navigate automatically to that point, instead of clicking at the intersections.
  • gps routing to a friend. You are zwifting. A (starred)friend comes on line. Then you have the ability to start a gps routing to him, so you can meet up (chase him/her down; so distance/time between each other is also shown)).
  • and last but not least … banana’s in your back pocket!

hotel belvedere