Setup Help

(Sean Ferguson) #1

I have an Cateye ISC-11 that seems to be configured correctly on the bike, yet no light is on or flashing when it turns. Its 3mm on either side as instructed. 

Equally my ANT+ USB Dongle isnt being picked up by Zwift - is this a separate issue or linked to the above?


Any help welcomed.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Sean,

Check out our Knowledge Base article here:

It might help you get configured correctly. I’d also try replacing and/or reseating the battery in your Cateye sensor. I’ve sometimes had to move the magnet EVEN CLOSER for my old Wahoo Blue SC speed sensor for it to register.

(Sean Ferguson) #3

Hi Eric

Thanks. I’ve changed the battery, the smart trainer is cycleops Fluid 2 which should be compatible. Not sure what else I can do?