Setup Confirmation

There have been several threads about “cheaters.” My view is that it is much more likely that people using Zpower have setup issues based upon a lack of basic understanding how speed to power calculations work with various trainers; they aren’t cheating they just have excess power showing because they don’t know how to properly do their setup. Don’t think so?? Look at how many people have asked why their Garmin numbers don’t match their Zwift numbers - there are a not insignificant number of people that don’t understand the very basic concept behind Zwift and want it to “just work.”

I think a lot of setup problems could be eliminated with prompts. If you select a trainer it pops up and says: Please confirm your trainer is a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine. Make them push a button to confirm it or if they say “no” have an explanation box come up. Is your tire inflated to at least 100 psi. Yes continues and No pops up a tutorial on how to inflate your tire. Is your tension knob turned at least three full turns? Etc. Is your weight really 40 pounds? No - here is how to change it.

People that know what they are doing just hit Yes-yes-yes, but people that don’t will learn what is required. Maybe have the answers stick until a change is made after which they popup again.

I like your idea…or any idea that helps keep folks from flying around at 14w/kg. It might be like checking the “I read and understand the EULA” box, though, and ignored…

Maybe some sort of flag that is triggered after 5 minutes of 10+w/kg?

Yes. Proper setup is very important and mostly just needs to be done once. Tires need to be topped off fairly frequently.