Settings unavailable

I updated Zwift on my Win10 laptop, and I wanted to access setting. I started a ride, selected Menu, pausing the ride, selected Setting, which quit the application completely back to my desktop. Just wanting to share.

Is that something that happens every time you go to settings?

Yes I have the same problem no “setting” options. Click on settings and no UI just blur with your character. I did a fresh install twice still with the same problem. The new patch broke something.

Windows 10

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@Michael_Cives and @John_Montemayor

Can you check again?

ok just logged in and its back…cheers

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Are you able to reproduce the app crash? Please start with a reboot of the PC.

Others are reporting that the Settings menu is either not visible at all, or scaled oddly. Yours is the first report of a crash, so would like to reproduce and troubleshoot if that’s the case.

Glad to hear you’re back in business. I explained what happened in that other discussion.

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Restarted laptop, and was ultimately able to select and modify setting.
Thanks for the feedback.