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Hi there. I’m new to Zwift mainly as result of self isolation! Really enjoying it. Issue I’m having is that I suspect my turbo trainer ( elite qubo digital smart b+) is not interacting properly with Zwift. The wattage readings appear much too high and there doesn’t appear to be any variance in the resistance levels when climbing or going down hill. When the app starts and links to the trainer it’s also locking in to cadence meter and speed on rear wheel (garmin). When the app starts I click the settings cog but it only ever seems to show the Bluetooth setting and nothing else. I though that if I dialled up the difficulty rating it might help but not showing within settings. All help appreciated!

It is finding the turbo trainer under controllable

Do you use a PC or Mac, Android or iOS?
Do you connect with Bluetooth or ANT+?
If you’re on PC with Windows, you should use a proper ANT+ USB Stick.

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Thanks Ben. I use lap top running win10. Currently linked through Bluetooth though have ant stick on order. Might take a little time to arrive. Hopefully that should sort it out! Will let you know once in

Hi there,

Did you manage to sort the resistance issue with zwift? I have the same issue with the same trainer. Cheers!

The only thing that seems sorted are the power readings. However the residence level doesn’t appear to adjust by much when riding on zwift or the elite program. Resistance only seemed to work at all with ant into the usb of lap
top. Didn’t work at all with blue tooth. Still seems to be the case when cycling up hill speed slows on zwift but back wheel speed stays the same.

Still working on it!

Thanks for your reply, Tim. I’ve been working on mine all morning. Managed to get my resistance working using the method talked about in this thread last week:

Try opening up your turbo casing and see if the golden axis is moving when you change resistance, if not then try this method shared in the other thread:

Thanks for the info. Will look into this later today.


Worked a treat. Many thanks. Now just need to tweak the power settings on elite and the realism settings on Zwift. Strange they down tweak this before they leave the factory as would save a lot of forums!