Settings for low cadence workouts

main set of my workout is 1:30 intervals at 50-55 cadence, at >110% FTP, followed by 2:00 at 75-90 watts, 65-70 cadence. I’m using a Tacx Vortex SMART and not in ERG mode, since I want the highest possible average, not just hold right at 110%.
In my top gear, at 55rpm, I’m only pushing 220Watts, while in my lowest, I’m at about 100Watts @65rpm. I tried playing with the incline setting in the Companion app and got it to increase so I could be at about 265Watts (which was plenty for me right now), but then I couldn’t go light enough to get under 100 on the rest interval.

Second question: My coach built this workout in TrainingPeaks, so it’s there in Zwift on the right day. But he likes ranges, not specific targets. Example was I was given 206-290Watts for today. But Zwift defaulted to 246W, and I had to lower my stated FTP to get the target right. Is this just the nature of workouts that are transferred? I hate to have to rebuilt each workout to get the targets right.



Let me try to answer your first question, if you are not using ERG then you will need to change gears and the incline at every block, it won’t be possible to find a one fit for all. I have used this method for years, it gets easier. If you use a pc you can use the ± keys to ajust the incline.

Is it possible to create a workout which would use SIM mode. For example, 1 minute 10% grade, 1 minute flat etc. This way I don’t have to use +/- to adjust the incline, Zwift would do it for me automatically, and I could still use gears to fine tune cadence/resistance.