Settings changed after a different account had been used

My daughter logged in to the game with her account on my PC - and could use her avatar and settings without problems.

She logged out.

When I logged in with my account, I observed the following

  • my avatar looked OK but the bicycle was changed from my moutain bike to her racer
  • my ongoing traning plan was no longer active. I could see my results from past trainings but was offered to Enroll as opposed to Workout when selecting one of the available workouts.

I see the same when logging in on my iPad so it must be stored in an online profile.

So, now I wonder why profile has changed as a result of the above - and how I can resume my training plan. Is it safe to enroll again or will my results vanish?

Not observed this myself - but I would see it as high severity. Information leak from one account into another when used on the same device is a bad thing!

Were you both using the same windows login?

yes, we did
Zwift is the latest version.
Windows is v 10 Pro, 21H2

Had a similar thing, except it was AppleTV and it was my kids sprint PRs were showing while I was riding. I was told to totally close the app after they had logged out and then reopen it and log in.

It shouldn’t happen but maybe try totally closing Zwift and then reopening it.

Thanks for the suggestion

I did - and I have now also rebooted my windows pc. The problem persists - I am still offered to enroll in my training plan which I was partly done with.

The fact that I could see the same issue from another device (ipad) also suggests it is not related to the hardware.