Setting trainer resistance on Apple TV

I can’t figure out how to set trainer resistance for my Wahoo Snap on the Apple TV app. There is no setting button for this. I had it set when using my Mac prior to switching to Apple TV but since the switch it seems to have virtually eliminated any trainer resistance. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I’m new to Zwift and have started straight out with ATV app.  I found up arrows and down on the Zwift Mobile companion iPhone app with no description that seem to increase the resistance.

I’ve had a similar issue. On PC in London I was sprinting at 850W whilst on the same section on ATV im at 130rpm in top gear and not even pushing 300W. Anyone with any ideas out there?

As usual the answer is that I’m an idiot.  Merely pressing the menu button on the ATV remote while in-ride will bring up the usual menu screen including the settings button within which you can adjust the trainer resistance.  I’m not sure how I never pressed that button before but this answers my question.