Setting to prevent people from watching you real time

I very recently had a situation where someone was able to watch me race real time and provided constant in game advice/commentary on how I was racing. Not only did I find this stalkerish, but it really threw me off my strategy. I would appreciate a setting to prevent people from ‘watching’ me.

You should be able to make your profile private. I’m pretty sure this would stop people from being able to access the ‘Fan View’ icon.

You might also need to “remove follower” from the companion app if they are already following you.

Hi Sarah,
if you are using the companion app, do you feel that you could post a message on there saying that you didn’t find their input during that race a positive experience and please would they not do it in future. Explain how it was totally negative to your race and result. You could post on one of the rides they have done, that way they will get a notification that you have posted them.

I realise this may be something that you would rather not do so please feel free to ignore my idea. I would hope that they would listen and act on your request though.
If not, maybe there is an option to flag that user, or escalate the complaint higher within Zwift if it continues.
I hope you don’t have to experience this again.
“Ride On”
ps would turning off chat be an option ?

Thanks Troy. I did reach out via Strava and explained the impact and am hopeful this party will respect that. In generally tho, now being aware of the feature to just silently observe me without me knowing, I find it a bit unnerving. I really like Zwift. I love the social component, I don’t want to have to set my world to private just for the occasional one-off. I would just like a bit more control over what is happening and when. Even a notification saying someone is watching you RIGHT NOW would give me the Intel needed to decide if I need to take further action or not. Does that make sense?

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Hi Sarah,
good to hear you have already made your feelings known.
I hope the message is taken on board. I’m sure/hope it was more of an over enthusiastic fellow Zwifter rather than anything else. Most Zwifters I have found are very friendly and helpful.

Glad you are enjoying Zwift, its changed my indoor training 100%. It’s great to have so many others to ride, train or race with.

You are not alone in wanting more control over the information Zwift puts out. Unfortunately Zwift generally takes a long time to implement changes.
Hopefully you can put this behind you, forget the incident and get your head down and Zwift happily on. :slightly_smiling_face:
Don’t let anyone or anything put you off.