Set up issues with Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+

I can’t seem to get the setup right. I have the above trainer as well as Garmin Vector pedals. I have 3 options on power source (Vector, Elite RealTrainer 53390 and ANT+ Trainer 53390). It seems the only one that sort of works is the ANT+ Trainer 53390. I know the power may not be exactly what I see on my Vector, but it is nowhere near it. I am trying to do intervals of 300w and I spin out on the 53x12 at around 200w.

Am I doing something wrong? I have tried a bunch of different configurations but can’t get it to work.

Many thanks


did you find a solution?

i am trying to connect power directly to my computer with the same trainer. it’ll connect with the mobile link but not directly to my mac. so strange and frustrating. thanks in advance

I’ve a similar issue connecting my Qubo Smart trainer. Is there any solutions to it?It keeps disconnecting on its own. It works fine for 2-3 mins and connection drops again. I’ve to step off re-power up the trainer for my Mac to detect the BT connection and gets connected for a couple of mins and it drops again. 

Very frustrating. I’ve been using trainer road on my trainer and it works fine without dropping any connectivity at all.