Set erg for "Base" but not cap?

Is it possible in Zwift/erg to set a “Base” (minimum) level but be able to surge and do higher watt segments as and when one elects – essentially having an erg minimum for a SIM ride?

You can make a free ride workout and use the incline button to set the base resistance.

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I don’t see any sort of “incline button” in the custom course building area — free ride icon yes, but as a for instance have a 60min. free ride segment but an “erg base” so that watts can never go below 170?

That button is on the companion app while doing the workout with erg off.

Other option is to make a workout and turn erg off when you want to sprint.

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The only usable application for my phone in Zwifting is calibration using the Wahoo app — in all other respects the phone’s screen is just too small.

The onscreen menu also have incline and erg buttons.

± also change resistance (incline) on your keyboard.

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