Servers down?

(Bjorn Heldaas) #1

Trying to log on, no success neither on zwift or mobile link.

(Stefan Lenhard) #2

Same here. 

(Laurent Delcher) #3

Same here!

(Simon Llanos 8739) #4


(. Justin The Hunter) #5

nice one its not just me then 


(Darren Walker) #6

me too


(Meirion Evans (WBR) (c)) #7

Same …c’mon zwift !!

(Horvath Gabor (PTz)) #8

same here…

(Stefan Lenhard) #9

Fondo probably fried the server.

(Jan van Beckhoven) #10

same here

(B. Koekkoek ZZRC PACK (C)) #11

Yep lot’s of people complaining at the moment on various channels. Zwift should really improve their reliability. It sucks when I get up for a ride and can not because of technical issues on Zwift’s side. 

(Jan de Mont) #12

Same here. Not acceptable for 15$/month!

(Luuk Kikkert) #13

Same here. Gran Fondo took it all down?

(Luisa Plasczymonka) #14

Same. This i stupid, I even got up earlier to join the ride … 

(Rene Saarsoo) #15

Did a quick spin before the Zwift Fondo, and and when I clicked “JOIN EVENT”, the button just disappeared and nothing happened. So I restarted Zwift… but was unable to log in.

Although the shows everything green.

(Fusion) #16

Yep, it seems that Zwift managed to (again) screwed-up a great event. Please get your act together.

(Neil Rimmer) #17

I’m the same as Rene, my first event and I froze and booted me lol. Bad advert

(David Kendall (WSR)) #18

yeh rushed around to get ready for the fondo started at 8 and had to restart because was not running right and that was that complete zwift overload


(A H) #19

Same here. Not good enough Swift!

(Fusion) #20

By the way people at Zwift Management, great way to lose customers. Keep it up and we might end-up going to competitors.