Server disconnects since 1.47?

Is anyone suffering server disconnects since 1.47?

I’ve done 3 races since the latest update and all 3 have had multiple server disconnects where all riders disappear. Nothing in my setup has changed except for the client update.

I’m hardwired to the router and have 900mbps down and 110mbps up. Windows 10 machine.
My girlfriend is zwifting at the same time on tv hardwired to same connection and has zero issues (neither have I for the last 12 months).

It’s killing my experience.
Ran the log file through zwiftaliser and it confirms all the TCP and UDP disconnects.

You can see all the disconnects in my stream here:
Stream with multiple drops

Have you tried rebooting your router? Yes, I realise your girlfriend is probably on the same router.

I did reboot yesterday and am yet to test again. Just thought if the router is letting traffic through for her then why wouldn’t it for me? Same cable from router to cabin, then into a switch which we are both cabled to.

I have also added all the UDP and TCP ports for incoming and outgoing to defender yesterday. Will try and test at lunchtime as have a ladder League race tonight and can’t afford to keep disappearing.

Never had any bother before :man_shrugging:

You’re right that it wouldn’t make a lot of sense for only you and not your girlfriend to he affected. But routers are complicated things, and it’s just possible that something is messed up only for your IP/MAC address and not hers. At least you’ll be able to eliminate/prove that soon.

Good point - fingers crossed