Serpentine 8 unknown to zwiftpower

New route unknown on zwiftpower, and no segments.

Thanks Klaus!

I’ve personally added the work for these into our system and have communicated it to the team. We’ll get those up for you as soon as we can!

I’m surprised the Serpentine 8 wasn’t included in the Tour de Zwift Stage 7 (I think that’s the dirt/gravel stage). Multiple laps of the Jungle when you have The Serp available doesn’t make any sense to me…

It would’ve been great to go through the wood tunnels in a huge pack!

None of the new routes are picked up in ZP, been flagged a number of times.

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You’re right, and I remember seeing the topic surfaced here and there. Since I’m the one responsible for bringing that to the attention of the team, it’s definitely my fault that I missed it. We’ve got it in there now!

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Cheers. :+1:

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Seems Serpentine 8 is still missing :slightly_frowning_face: Would love to include it in my event filter.