Series timing question

Hi All!

We will have a stage race, where the GC will be decided on cumulative timing for the 8 stage (like IRL GTs Giro, Tour,etc.). Meanwhile we will have a KOM/Sprint jersey competition as well (again, to mimic IRL GTs).

I wonder if the below option for the series timing is the correct one:

Or should I pick Race + KOM/Sprint combination?


Hi Andras,

first option is correct. If you select option 2 the FTS times for segments will be added to the finish times of each rider.
Will you use points for Sprints and KOMs?

Will this be a Consecutive days Stage racing or Weekly?

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Hi Dejan!

Thanks for the answer. I’ll select option 1 (I had an inkling that option two does what you have decribed, but better safe than sorry :slight_smile: )

It’ll be consecutive 8 stages, GC timing, and I’d like to have the segments (Sprint and KOMs) on the route to have points, but don’t know if that is possible with GC timing enabled.

Likely it’ll be manual work from ZP as it stands now. Also, we will have 4 starting times / day, so the GC timing should be okay (as it is cumulative) but Sprint / KOM segments has to be checked for each starting time, and calculate fastest 10 for points (from 40 results)-

Or can I change it in an event after added to the list of events?