September 2020 - Game Update Hope list

So it’s the end of another month and most of the World is still in some sort of lockdown making a much larger than normal percentage of the cycling world ride indoors and the majority choose (at the moment) to visualise their normality through Zwift.

Throughout the early years of Zwift we were given generous and exciting updates during the start of each month. New Worlds, fixes, graphic changes, drop shop, better bikes, avatar outfits etc etc.

Seeing the next month (September) is the beginning of a NEW season what are the “updates” you think will be sent our way?

bugs etc.


Yup, fix what they broke two years ago and I’ll be happy, oh, and my country’s flag (Fiji).

Rowing as it was a couple of weeks away :rofl:


New UI since that was confirmed to be done months ago but held off due to increased usage. At some point we have to rip off the bandaid so to say and people will need to learn the new UI, just release it already.



A week ago the creator of Zwift said there’s ‘nothing available to try at the moment’, so I wouldn’t hold your breath. :rofl:

And Zwift has been at the lowest user level for months. Soon it will start ramping back up again.


Yep! My wife claims autumn starts in less than a week. I know she’s wrong about that (does she even know when the autumnul equinox is in the northern hemisphere?), but it will be here soon enough.

LOL You didn’t know Fall fashion starts right after Labor Day.

I don’t even know when Labor Day is. Labour Day is May 1st though, and I’m darn sure that’s not when autumn starts for me! :smiley:

Gonna be clubs.

Yup, was meant to be released last December! Then increased numbers since covid delayed the release. Supposedly was going to be released in August. But still nothing, v we live in hope. Especially as the weather is changing and numbers will be increasing again. However, don’t expect much. From the snippets I’ve heard it is more likely evolution rather than revolution.

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I’m still not sure we will see another update this month since they added France and other new features on August 6th. It would most likely drop today or tomorrow, we will see…

I thought Switzerland was scheduled for September 11 to drop. But real life got canceled and Zwift announced World Champions race would be in December on Watopia The real outdoor Worlds will be set tomorrow. Tokyo got shelved but next year will be Belgium for September 2021 Worlds.

Edit: I’m told September 8 will be update.

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Hopeful the Zwift team isnt slow rolling their rowing release. just launch it…i dont care if its buggy.

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