Separate Incline Adjustment buttons in the App

Right now in the app during a workout, the buttons to increase or decrease the incline is at the edge of the button to switch between ERG mode and Incline mode. It’s such a small button that sometimes when I’m trying to switch to ERG mode I instead accidentally increase or decrease the incline instead.

I may be an unusual use case–I like to use ERG mode for rest intervals, and Incline for Threshold or VO2 intervals. During those times, my hands aren’t as dexterous as when I’m resting, so it’s extra easy to hit the wrong part of the button, so it takes me longer than desired to get into ERG for the rest interval, or I can end up screwing up and increasing/decreasing the Incline. Either way, I end up not putting out the watts that I want to be putting out.

I’d like either to have the button be bigger in the app, or to have the toggle between ERG and Incline to be separate from the button to increase/decrease incline.