sent on wrong course for tour

I didn’t get the newspaper, music, and pixelated image connection to April first until coming to the community. It was a distraction and did contribute to other issues i experienced but didn’t prevent me from getting a good workout, and did provide 50 extra experience points.

Here is the bigger issue…signed up for stage 1 of the tour, admittedly about 1 minute late, still i got the jersey so i assumed i was in the event. I wasn’t sure of the course beyond that it was around 40 km long so i just followed the programed path. It seems to be sending me around some variation of the hilly course. I did notice the distance wasn’t counting down correctly but thought that might be some display issue related to the other images issues i was seeing. Well after 55 km i didn’t reach the end of the event so i bailed.

Was i incorrect in assuming that the system would direct me down the correct path for the event?

Something must of happened to your ride.  It was pre-programmed with the auto turns.  Dam hilly event.  Left turn at Redwood tree.  Up the mountain.  Followed by a tour thru the jungle, then beside the volcano, then back to the beach front. I would say around 43.5 k with 650+ elevation.