Sensors paired no problem but start ride no stats

Sensors paired Garmin Ant plus, turn pedals and wattage plus cadence appear in the pair screen, the ride screen starts and you can pick a workout or ride, on this screen the ticks are there to show the software has been found so thumbs up. When you start the ride I have no stats in any of the bars, wattage and cadence blue box or any ride stats speed, height,  distance etc, but you can ride no problem.  Tried removing the software and reloading but same outcome.?

Can you post screen shots of what you are seeing.

Hi Darren

In addition to Paul’s reply, can you outline the computer/hardware and trainer type you’re using -  for others that may be having issues with a similar set up.

Hi Gents

The setup was on a laptop using windows 7 , I loaded zwift onto another laptop using windows 10 , everything is working fine. So there is a bug with the latest version of zwift and windows 7. Im using an elite muin its working fine now, all stats are there as soon as you start ride. Thanks for the help.