Sensors Not pairing after app update

I’ve updated the app. Now my sensors won’t pair and I can’t use the app. Before the app updated it would pair but I wasn’t moving on the screen. I’ve got iOS

Hi @Rebecca_Hurst

So lets get this straight.

Before Update:
Sensors pared but cloud not ride?

After Update Sensors don’t pair, and still can’t ride?

Did you check that your sensors is not paird to any other software, force close all app on your phone. Go to Bluetooth settings and make sure the sensors are not there if they are there “forget” them. Try zwift again.

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Hi Gerrie, I tried all of that. I closed my iPad down, rebooted it. Sensors not linked to Bluetooth. My friend also had the same issues tonight. We both missed a group ride as we couldn’t get on.

What version of the App are you using?

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Hi Gerrie this is the latest version of the app I have