Sensor Signal Constantly Interrupted

(Ryan Stelzer) #1

I have been using Zwift since last winter (March 2014) without issue (graphics good, sensors fine, etc.). Yesterday (October 30, 2015 around 8PM MST) Zwift installed an update after which I began to ride through Watopia. For the first 30 minutes there were no issues but soon thereafter my heart rate monitor and cadence+speed sensor began cutting out intermittently which quickly became frustrating trying to beat lap times as my wattage kept dropping to zero.

This has never happened before with two different bikes (one using the Bontrager DuoTrap and the other using Garmin’s speed+cadence sensor). The batteries have been recently changed in my heart rate monitor and DuoTrap sensor (being used yesterday) so I do not believe this to be the culprit nor do I believe it is the sensor/magnet position as the heart rate monitor was cutting out which is in constant contract with my body. Therefore it seems plausible that this is potentially related to the latest update.

I was wondering if anyone else had noticed something similar. I will continue to investigate it on my end.

(D azed.and.confused) #2

Hi Ryan, 

I was having this problem as well. A USB extension cable that placed my USB closer to my trainer did the trick. 



(Steve C) #3

Bizarre, I had exactly the same happen to me on Friday 30th. Both HRM and trainer power dropped to zero for small periods. Probably three or four times within the hour. 

I’m using an extension cable to set the USB ANT+ dongle nearer the trainer unit.

I thought it strange that both HRM and trainer disconnected at the same time. Using a Mac by the way.

(Sean Madix) #4

jSame here.

Tried to use Zwift for the first time last night since the latest upgrade.

Paired fine with Bontrager DuoTrap, selected classic trainer and tried to ride.

Went to ride and nothing.  Computer with Garmin Ant+ USB is in the same place it always was - never had a problem until the latest upgrade.

(Pascal Fleury) #5

I also have my HRM dropping to zero every few minutes, even though speed, cadence and power show just perfect with no interruption. HRM is a Mio Link and Speed/cadence is a Garmin GSC-10. Suunto USB ANT+ dongle. I also use Golden Cheetah to train on videos with no interruption of sensors.

Keep up the good work, I like Zwift very much !

(Dejan Ranisavljevic) #6

Garmin sensor problem! (Edge 810 garmin user)

Hello i have problems with garmin sensor hr,cadence and speed sensor random stoping all 3 of them.
It is not only that they stop on Zwift it also stops on garmin, i have alredy changed new bateries.
Can som1 help what to do its those litlle sensors connected with rubber straps newer model separate sensors. Also i got usb cable near my bike not much space between dongle and sensors.

Starting to lose my brain, over it they randomly lose conectivity and staring randomly after some time no clue what can interfear is somthing distrupting ant + signal.

(Scott Morman (NEO)) #7

Having a similar problem since the last update. Nothing has changed on my setup, not the sensors, the batteries, the location or distance from the Ant+ dongle … nothing. Garmin works fine, but the signal to the Ant+ dongle continues to be interrupted and drops about every 30 seconds or so. Pretty frustrating. Not sure what changed recently. Any advice?

(Steven Engler) #8

I’ve had the same problems on a few rides. It happened most recently this morning, but hasn’t happened for a few months so I don’t think it’s the Zwift software update. I know it’s on the receiving end because all of my sensors drop out together. I noticed that one person on this threads is using a Suunto ANT+ dongle. I’m using the Suunto Movestick Mini. What sensor are others using? Could it be a hardware issue with Suunto? I’m running Zwift v1.0.24190 on a PC running Windows 7. I am not using an extension cable, but will order one to see if it helps. Nothing else has changed in my setup to explain what could be causing interference.