Send logs to e-mail

Hello zwifters,

After entering the “secret” log/fit menu, I’m trying to send logs to support team but, no option to send email appears, only print and shared screen:

Any idea?

(my mobile is a Xiaomi mi9t)

Thank you for the report. Screenshots are always helpful. I’ve let our QA team know.


Same issue for me, looks like it might be a xiaomi thing.
Did you find a solution, I had completed my workout and it crashed when saving so would really like the data.

Nop Ben, i didn’t found a workaround…tried to send to another xiaomi via Mi Drop, but it didn’t work either…

Even tried to “unzip” the APK package of the application, look for the .fit and .log files in the mobile , but without luck …:confused:

Ah, you tried the same things I was going to. It’s gone then.

Thanks for the update