Send ingame speed to Kickr

Hi, I would be wonderful if the Kickr speed was matched with the Zwift in-game speed.
Currently, whenever I ride one the same gear and use virtual shifting, my speed stays constant around 15 km/h. Because of that, my Wahoo Headwind also doesn’t change the wind speed when my in-game speed changes.
In my opinion the best implementation would be to broadcast the in-game speed to the Kickr, so it can get mirrored by the trainer. Another option would be if the Kickr calculated an appropriate speed with the virtual gear information, though this solution would probably be solely on Wahoo.
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I thought the headwind used your heartrate to change the fan speed, I don’t think your speed in Zwift has anything to do with it.

I’m confused by this, where are you seeing the “speed” of the Kickr?

The speed can be controlled manually, using a heart rate strap, or by the trainer speed.

The Wahoo Headwind has 3 options for controlling the fan speed: A manual speed setting, a connector heart rate sensor, or a connected speed sensor.
The Kickr can determine the selected physical gear with from the power / cadence / torque data.
So when you shift down the cassette, the calculated speed increases and thus the connected fan goes faster. However, this only works for physical gear changes. If you change the resistance with virtual shifting, the bike speed calculated by the Kickr stays the same and the sensation of wind simulation falls apart.