Selecting new trainer

Greetings, Upon initial set up, Zwift guides you through selecting a trainer, I’m using a kinetic road machine, which is what I selected. I’m wanting to make sure that’s what I selected but can’t find anywhere it let’s you see what trainer you’re set up with?

It depends on how you are using your trainer.

If you have an InRide sensor, the program automatically detects this and the program selects the correct power source.
It will also suggest a controllable trainer but that selection won’t be functional unless you have a smart trainer.

If you do not use the InRide sensor, then you will have to put a speed sensor on your bike and a magnet on the wheel spoke.
Then you will select “Classic trainer” then you will have the option to select the Road Machine.

From the context of your question, I would guess you have the InRide sensor.

Make sure you perform a calibration of the InRide sensor using a smart phone and the Kenetic app to do a spin down.